Why are you anti-bike!?

Why are you anti-bike!?  You don’t like bikes! You don’t like cyclists!  You don’t like people who ride bikes.  The guilt list could go on.

The bicycle lobby,  and their zombie activists that blurt out the very same talking points,  get old fast.  They use these talking points to shut you up ( it is almost the same as calling their opponents as racists ).  When that doesn’t work they get out of it by saying I’m not going to get in to an argument.  Of course the bicycle lobby/advocates don’t run on logic or commonsense,  they play on peoples emotions,  and use dishonest tactics/bully to get what they want.


Another favorite of mine is that bicyclists think they pay more taxes, than people who only drive.  If you believe that you are beyond stupid,  the math just doesn’t compute logically, or economically.

If we were to ban every motorized vehicle from the road ways,  the amount of waste that would be created would be astronomical.

The loss of jobs would be the likes we have never seen,  this would affect more than just the USA economy,  the world economy would be unrecoverable.

If bicycles were to be banned off the roads for good,  there wouldn’t even be a ripple in the economy,  that is how little bicycles add to the economy,  or the tax coffer.

If you want a good laugh,  go buy a used copy of Bikenomics.





Pedestrian deaths rising…

I saw a article posted by the wisconsin bike fed about pedestrian deaths rising.  It appears none of them can figure out why.

I can tell them why it is happening.  Pedestrians are getting stupider because of pedestrian right of way laws.  Pedestrians think they can walk any damn place they want, jaywalk anywhere anytime they want.  Walk right down the middle of a dark road in dark clothes….all while the anti-car lobby comes to these stupid peoples rescue and blames the motorist for the pedestrians error.

What is disappointing about the article is that it seems like it is pointing the blame on motorists,  when pedestrians & bicyclists are not educated about the rules of the road, or staying safe.

Bring back looking both ways before stepping in to the road and crossing is the only way to get close to ZERO,  but these activist anti-car groups just refuse to see that.  They would rather continue to blame motorists.

Just to add, NO! Bike Fed,  complete streets aren’t going to change anything!  Complete streets doesn’t educate pedestrians,  or bicyclists, nor will complete streets extend outside the city limits!

Bicycling not as popular as the bicycle lobby says

The bicycle lobby says bicycling is so popular yet thousands of bicycles have been left behind at Burning Man.  If thousands of these people decided to give up bicycling on the spot then bicycling is not as popular as the bicycling advocacy groups make it out to be. Scrap them all and use it to make something that will actually get used and add to the economy.  Examples would be farming equipment,  or more motor vehicles.


Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk analysis

The real big factors in this are that it was dark and raining hard which reduces visibility quite a bit.  Even without the hard rain,  when the roads are wet it soaks up the light from your headlights,  unfortunately those that look at this fatality from a bicycle point of view or pedestrian point of view will never understand this.

Those that look at it from a windshield point of view the bicycle lobby won’t be happy with you.  We can’t have biased, or partisan investigators instantly blaming someone because that person is driving a motor vehicle.

When you are riding your bike, or walking in the dark when it is raining don’t ever assume you are seen.  It is commonsense to look both ways before crossing in combination with right of way laws.

Unfortunately looking both ways before crossing wasn’t cool any more and it was replaced by “you have the right of way” with no education on how to use it.  No utopian bill or law will fix these problems,  until non-drivers are educated on how to cross the road safely, how to ride a bicycle safely and any other non-driving activities.


Manitowoc Election what it means for drivers

I found out on the news about who got voted in for the city of Manitowoc,  I am not going to mention names as I am very concerned about this very pro-bicycle persons agenda.

That pesky “wheel tax” could come back,  down town could be closed to motor vehicles,  among other feel good do nothing legislation that could be implemented at the local level,  I won’t be naming those off just in case they are reading this, however the bicycle lobby generally ignores what others have to say unless it helps their agenda, I am not going to further the bicycle lobbies war on driving.

Bicyclist riding on sidewalk that has no bicycles allowed symbol

I caught a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  which was clearly marked as no bicycles allowed on sidewalk according to the symbol on the sidewalk.  How does one miss that no bicycles allowed symbol?  Here are the cities bicycle regulations.

I blame this on educating the motor vehicle driver only system.  Every time something bad happens to someone on a bicycle,  emotions take over at these bicycle advocates and it filters down to the people following them,  often causing people/investigators to jump to conclusions. 

Which in turn the cities/towns often start attack driving instead of thinking logically. All that emotional thinking that makes people react irrationally, and usually the results end up exactly the same every time which ends with an injury or even worse a fatality.



Wisconsin’s contradictory laws, bicycle as a vehicle is now questionable.

The laws are an incredible mess here in Wisconsin,  there are so many loopholes, and laws that contradict other laws,  it makes one do a “double take.”

Recent issues over a bicycle crossing have many confused.  A bicyclist has the same rights as a pedestrian ( dismount off your bicycle, and walk it across, than you are a pedestrian ).  Yet recently an opinion column from Dave C from the Wisconsin Bike Fed, titled:

“Right to the road”  and than this right below: “bicyclists are entitled to ride where they choose”  later in the article stating that: “a bicycle is legally a vehicle like a car or truck”

  alright now we have a problem,  since now bicyclists are granted the same rights as a pedestrian,  when will this contradictory idiocy stop!? ( hopefully not through more of the usual political correctness, to shutdown debate! )   How does this help bicycling & the bicycling community, not to mention the bicycling communities image?