Jay walkers

I was down in Two Rivers, Wisconsin for a while today,  and today I witnessed some dumb-ass ( sorry no other way to put it ) pedestrian jaywalk in front of another driver over on forest ave near 22nd st.  I blame state, and local governments for not educating anyone except drivers for this problem.

What makes a person walk out in front of a moving vehicle that may not be able to stop in time is incomprehensible.  However it is clear that state right of way laws make people stupid!

On the Wisconsin department of transportation website,  it has pointers for pedestrians,  I wish they would educate pedestrians on this.

Yield to drivers if you are not in a cross walk, or intersection.  Or where you don’t have a walk or green signal.

Oh another thing, don’t expect drivers to see you in the dark either.  Always look both ways before crossing,  I do and no one has hit me.  Same thing when people are backing out of a drive way, they may not see you.  When I walk at night I choose to wait until they have backed out as I use common sense when I go out for a walk.


Scanner report 11/19/2015

Scanner report of a school bus that hit someone this morning before 7:30am at N. 9th and Waldo Where ever Wilson JR high is.

If a bus driver can screw up and have something like this happen,  it can happen to anyone.  This proves we need some heavy duty education on the non-driver side.

Here is info from the local newspaper http://www.htrnews.com/story/news/local/2015/11/19/teen-seriously-injured-bus/76044312/

Scanner reports from Friday evening Sept 9th 2015

There were reports of someone laying in the road 21st and Western Ave  ( Manitowoc, WI )

There was also some problems with people blocking traffic near/around harbor town area in the city of Manitowoc.

The above mentioned stupidity is the very reason why motorists should have a dash cam for their vehicles,  if non-drivers know their actions are being scrutinized, maybe the above stupidity will stop.
If you are interested in getting a dash cam,  DO NOT get the one that is advertised on TV as there are many complaints.