Friday Fools: Wrong Way Bicycling

Since the WBF doesn’t let a crisis go to waste.  I am not going to skip posting wrong way bicycling.  Speaking of not letting a crisis go to waste,  I found a video on youtube that is chilling.  It is exactly how bicycle advocacy works.  That is the “Chicago way” right?

Any ways, here is the wrong way bicycling.  West Custer & Expo Dr ( near Expo Dr )


Wrong way cyclist problem in Manitowoc

This time it was on the north end of Manitowoc ( I think it was on Friday the 29th ),  Fairmont & N. 23.  Caught cyclist riding on the wrong side of the road.  These problem cyclists are going to roll back any progress made,  I strongly recommend the good bicyclists out there to get on these unlawful cyclists,  as the bicycle lobby doesn’t want to admit these kind of cyclists exist,  or pressure the wisconsin bike federation to come to these communities to educate how to ride a bicycle on the road ways properly.

Scanner report July 22nd ’16

As usual the late evenings on Fridays & the weekend  ( even during the week too )  are quite active with problems.

According to what came over the scanner about 11:45 PM There was 4 kids walking down the middle of the road on hamilton reports of a rock thrown at a car,  maybe they were trying to chase the pokemon off?

Here is an interesting perspective  from a lefty website

Someone distracted by pokemon  hit by a car.

Here is another article on pokemon.

No hands on handle bar menasha ave

Not sure of the exact day this happened,  but what is up with these bicyclists & riding with no hands on the handle bar?  I would think it is unlawful to ride a bicycle no handed ( I will have to search the city ordinances for bicycling laws ).  It is almost every time I go out that I see these bicyclists engaged in stupidity & self endangerment….But but but it’s those people that are in the motor vehicles that are always the problem,  right bicyclists?

Bicyclist no lights at night & wrong side of road

On Friday evening close to about 10pm,  I caught a bicyclist no lights on bicycle while riding on the wrong side of the road!

This happened on Grand Ave right near Pietroske car lot.

The city has a bicyclist problem,  it is almost every time I go out I see people on bicyclists  endangering themselves, riding the wrong way on the road, riding with no hands on handle bars, riding with no hands on handle bars holding their phone looking down at it.

Another bicyclist no handed sighting

I saw another bicyclist riding no handed operating a cellphone riding down the sidewalk going west on waldo blvd about 6:30 pm July 5 ’16.  I have no video of this sighting,  which is very disappointing.  I always know that these bicyclists are so arrogant they will continue to do this very stupid stuff.  Hopefully some innocent driver doesn’t get blamed if the cyclist loses control.

Updated with video: Bicyclist riding no handed holding phone

I would like to point out that being out in public one has no expectation of privacy.  So  catching dangerous & unlawful bicycling on video  is perfectly legal.

I happened to catch a bicyclist riding with no hands on the handle bars while holding on to a cellphone.  The picture isn’t that great as it is a screen shot from a video that I have to find a way to slow the video down enough to show it since I didn’t get the phone pointed correctly to capture this unlawful distracted bicyclist ( I will upload the video if I can get it slowed down enough, it will probably be barely 2 seconds long though ).  You can clearly tell that the cyclist is looking down holding something based on arm position.  Very very dangerous and unlawful bicycling.  This is what goes on when bicyclists aren’t educated on how to ride a bicycle on the roads.

Update:  I have edited the video of where I took a screen capture from, I slowed the video down as much as the video editor would allow me to.  It isn’t the greatest video,  but you can tell the cyclist is holding on to a phone & looking down.


The above screen capture from the video, further proves that bicycle riders need to be educated how to ride a bicycle properly on the road way.

Imagine if this bicyclist would lose control & rode in to a motor vehicle,  who would be blamed,  the motorist or the bicyclist?  Which is the very reason I am concerned,  especially with the influence of bicycle lobby,  which reminds me of a previous blog post where I pointed out where the bicycle lobby has too much influence.