Evening drive & idiot bicyclist

Out on Waldo Blvd in Manitowoc, Just before 8pm 12/19/2015 I encountered a bicyclist that was in the lane of travel which is really stupid to even try that when it is dark.  However my problem is that it appeared that the bicycle had no visible rear lights to make it visible to other drivers as it went down a side street!  Bicyclist self endangerment is the very reason why I don’t support a vulnerable user law here in Wisconsin, it would more then likely cast the blame on to the driver if fault can not be proven.
I should have called it in, but with no damn license plate on the bicycle it is very difficult to track down the idiot endangering them self on their  bicycle.

This proves we need to have some kind of system like testing, and licensing and all that if these dumb fools can’t and won’t take any steps to ensure their own damn safety!