Bicyclist riding on sidewalk that has no bicycles allowed symbol

I caught a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  which was clearly marked as no bicycles allowed on sidewalk according to the symbol on the sidewalk.  How does one miss that no bicycles allowed symbol?  Here are the cities bicycle regulations.

I blame this on educating the motor vehicle driver only system.  Every time something bad happens to someone on a bicycle,  emotions take over at these bicycle advocates and it filters down to the people following them,  often causing people/investigators to jump to conclusions. 

Which in turn the cities/towns often start attack driving instead of thinking logically. All that emotional thinking that makes people react irrationally, and usually the results end up exactly the same every time which ends with an injury or even worse a fatality.




Wrong way bicycling problem

Just a bit before 6pm I witnessed two bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road on        N. 8th st south of Albert Dr.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone ready to catch these fools on video otherwise it would make my post more credible and help motorists out if they get blamed for hitting one of these uneducated bicyclists.

Bicyclist riding on wrong side of the road

I thought  bicycles were suppose to follow motor vehicle laws.  The lack of education towards bicyclists really shows.  Educating only people that drive is the very reason why there are negligent bicyclists.  Check out the video below to see bicyclist riding on wrong side  of the road.

Scanner report 11/19/2015

Scanner report of a school bus that hit someone this morning before 7:30am at N. 9th and Waldo Where ever Wilson JR high is.

If a bus driver can screw up and have something like this happen,  it can happen to anyone.  This proves we need some heavy duty education on the non-driver side.

Here is info from the local newspaper