Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk analysis

The real big factors in this are that it was dark and raining hard which reduces visibility quite a bit.  Even without the hard rain,  when the roads are wet it soaks up the light from your headlights,  unfortunately those that look at this fatality from a bicycle point of view or pedestrian point of view will never understand this.

Those that look at it from a windshield point of view the bicycle lobby won’t be happy with you.  We can’t have biased, or partisan investigators instantly blaming someone because that person is driving a motor vehicle.

When you are riding your bike, or walking in the dark when it is raining don’t ever assume you are seen.  It is commonsense to look both ways before crossing in combination with right of way laws.

Unfortunately looking both ways before crossing wasn’t cool any more and it was replaced by “you have the right of way” with no education on how to use it.  No utopian bill or law will fix these problems,  until non-drivers are educated on how to cross the road safely, how to ride a bicycle safely and any other non-driving activities.



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