Why are you anti-bike!?

Why are you anti-bike!?  You don’t like bikes! You don’t like cyclists!  You don’t like people who ride bikes.  The guilt list could go on.

The bicycle lobby,  and their zombie activists that blurt out the very same talking points,  get old fast.  They use these talking points to shut you up ( it is almost the same as calling their opponents as racists ).  When that doesn’t work they get out of it by saying I’m not going to get in to an argument.  Of course the bicycle lobby/advocates don’t run on logic or commonsense,  they play on peoples emotions,  and use dishonest tactics/bully to get what they want.


Another favorite of mine is that bicyclists think they pay more taxes, than people who only drive.  If you believe that you are beyond stupid,  the math just doesn’t compute logically, or economically.

If we were to ban every motorized vehicle from the road ways,  the amount of waste that would be created would be astronomical.

The loss of jobs would be the likes we have never seen,  this would affect more than just the USA economy,  the world economy would be unrecoverable.

If bicycles were to be banned off the roads for good,  there wouldn’t even be a ripple in the economy,  that is how little bicycles add to the economy,  or the tax coffer.

If you want a good laugh,  go buy a used copy of Bikenomics.





Bicyclist riding on sidewalk that has no bicycles allowed symbol

I caught a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  which was clearly marked as no bicycles allowed on sidewalk according to the symbol on the sidewalk.  How does one miss that no bicycles allowed symbol?  Here are the cities bicycle regulations.

I blame this on educating the motor vehicle driver only system.  Every time something bad happens to someone on a bicycle,  emotions take over at these bicycle advocates and it filters down to the people following them,  often causing people/investigators to jump to conclusions. 

Which in turn the cities/towns often start attack driving instead of thinking logically. All that emotional thinking that makes people react irrationally, and usually the results end up exactly the same every time which ends with an injury or even worse a fatality.



Bicyclist hit in 55mph zone

First off this story appeared on fox11online.com

However what I have seen the bike fed post about it, is biased, and blames the motorist completely without questioning the negligence of the bicyclist riding in the lane of travel on a 55mph highway.

I am reminded of a blog post I made in march of 2015, it is similar to this case ( except without a hill ) but on a road where it was 45mph, or 55mph depending on the direction.

I posted on the Wisconsin bike federations facebook page about emoting, and not thinking rationally, and all that. They didn’t seem to dispute most of it, but tried to swing me in to believing that a bicyclist should has a right to ride a bicycle in the lane of travel on a highway that is 55mph ( of course that isn’t in exact words as the comments were pulled, so it is hearsay now ), and that  motorists should expect to encounter a bicyclist!! It is absolutely negligent ( and of course it is considered self endangerment &  irresponsible & stupid to ride bicycles on highways )  to ride a bicycle in the lane of travel on any highway, no matter how little traffic there is, it doesn’t matter if you have the same rights as a motor vehicle,  try to use common sense to keep your self safe instead of shifting the burden of responsibility on to the motorist.

Unfortunately they decided they didn’t want to debate anymore, and pulled my comments & blocked me since I didn’t see a comment box.  It appears that Bicycle advocates can’t stand to be questioned or criticized.

Any ways back on topic, I almost forgot to mention that the bicyclist got hit as the motorist crested the hill.  I drove around last weekend with my video camera on my dash board and encountered some pretty hilly roads that you can’t see anything until you reach the very top.

The video below should discredit any bicycle advocate, since stopping distance would take a while.

Edit: 3/5/16 I forgot to add inattentive driving is blamed, which I already had videos up to show what rural driving looks like & going up & over hilly roads looks like.

I also forgot to add a link to the bike feds blog post, so that is now added.

Jay walkers

I was down in Two Rivers, Wisconsin for a while today,  and today I witnessed some dumb-ass ( sorry no other way to put it ) pedestrian jaywalk in front of another driver over on forest ave near 22nd st.  I blame state, and local governments for not educating anyone except drivers for this problem.

What makes a person walk out in front of a moving vehicle that may not be able to stop in time is incomprehensible.  However it is clear that state right of way laws make people stupid!

On the Wisconsin department of transportation website,  it has pointers for pedestrians,  I wish they would educate pedestrians on this.

Yield to drivers if you are not in a cross walk, or intersection.  Or where you don’t have a walk or green signal.

Oh another thing, don’t expect drivers to see you in the dark either.  Always look both ways before crossing,  I do and no one has hit me.  Same thing when people are backing out of a drive way, they may not see you.  When I walk at night I choose to wait until they have backed out as I use common sense when I go out for a walk.


I was out for an evening walk Wednesday evening,  and a bicyclist went past with no lights on.  As the bicyclist went up the road he decided to ride his bicycle on the far left side of the road way which would be the wrong side of the road if you were in a motor vehicle, but yet when I see bicyclists ride however they want with impunity the less I support any legislation or any bicycle infrastructure.  Bad bicyclists  are the reason why there is a push back against bicycle lanes and other bicycle infrastructure.  Recently in Manitowoc back in September I believe, there was a group ride to “educate drivers” when bicyclists are the ones that clearly need to be educated.

Scanner report 12/14/2015

Just a few minutes ago before 7pm,  I heard over the police scanner a driver complaining of almost hitting a bicyclist in the area of new york ave and 8th st, due to no lights and wearing dark clothes.  Of course the Wisconsin bike fed would tell you that bicyclists break the law less then motorists,  however bicyclists sure as hell seem to endanger themselves more.

Why should cyclists have different rules?

According to streets blog,  changing the rules for cyclists won’t cause chaos.

  1. They say they need to conserve momentum.  Well when I rode my bicycle when I was younger I had no problem getting moving again.  Why are bicyclists such wimps?

So lets use the bicyclist excuse for motor vehicles and say the same.  To save the planet from using too much oil ( and to keep scary carbon emissions down )  and keep momentum because the engine uses more gas to get back up to speed.

2. Just let bicycles go through intersections.

The problem with that idea is that you have those bicyclists that ride in a way that is already dangerous.  Some driver that isn’t at fault is going to end up colliding with said bicyclist,  then that motorist will be shamed & blamed by the bicycle advocates.  So really I am against this idea.

3. Bicycles move at slow speeds.

Apparently that some how equates to not having to abide by motor vehicle laws & rules.    Remember bicyclists you wanted the same rights to the road, now you can follow the same rules & laws!  Stop trying to loop hole your way out of them constantly.