I was out for an evening walk Wednesday evening,  and a bicyclist went past with no lights on.  As the bicyclist went up the road he decided to ride his bicycle on the far left side of the road way which would be the wrong side of the road if you were in a motor vehicle, but yet when I see bicyclists ride however they want with impunity the less I support any legislation or any bicycle infrastructure.  Bad bicyclists  are the reason why there is a push back against bicycle lanes and other bicycle infrastructure.  Recently in Manitowoc back in September I believe, there was a group ride to “educate drivers” when bicyclists are the ones that clearly need to be educated.


Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin Now on facebook

Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin is now on facebook


I did a search on where bicycles were banned….

My search on places where bicycles are banned,  there are very little if any places where bicycles are banned.

However what does come up doesn’t surprise me.

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On the yahoo search, the 6th one says “List of car free places”  so that would suggest that bicycles are seemingly allowed nearly everywhere, no where is sacred from a bicycle it would seem.

Now clicking on that link where it says “list of car free places”  It has a world wide list of where motor vehicles aren’t allowed,  but yet when there is talk of prohibiting bicycles from certain roads the bicyclists and advocate groups are screaming, and throwing a fit.

How the bicycling agenda keeps moving forward

If you will take notice, there are many examples, vulnerable user law, vision zero, complete streets,  these will not save you from your own stupidity,  or make you invincible while riding a bicycle.

When there is a bicycle tragedy, that person is used as a martyr for the bicycle advocates to advance their war on cars/driving legislation.  They will have these families come in, and dramatize to senate assembly members, and other politicians to advance their legislation.

Here is how to stay safe while bicycling: Don’t ride your bicycle on highways/rural roads, or any road that has a speed limit above 25mph, or ride outside city limits.  Always have lights on your bicycle when riding at night.  Stop at stop signs, and traffic lights.

Don’t demand respect, respect is earned.

Saying stupid stuff like “I pay more taxes”  just makes people scrutinize the bicycling culture more, and you just get more push back ( like what happened with the vulnerable user law in Wisconsin  ).  Just because you pay for a license renewal and have to register your vehicle,  doesn’t grant bicyclists special rights & privileges. Sell your motor vehicle, and quit complaining!!

When the bicycle lobby has too much influence on investigators

A Hales Corners man riding a bicycle suffered a heart attack ( I thought bicycling was suppose to be healthy! ), they first SUSPECTED that the bicyclist got hit by a car.

This is why bicycle coalition/advocates/lobby shouldn’t be allowed to influence investigators, otherwise someone that shouldn’t get the blame does.

A bicycle is a vehicle, except when it is not

I have recently found out, that motorists have to worry about bicyclists under the influence of alcohol, guess what,  they play the “bicycle ain’t a vehicle” card to shirk responsibility.  So what was that about the scales of justice?

In actuality, bicycles should be fully classified as a vehicle, and follow the EXACT set of laws & rules motorists have to follow.  It is time to close the loopholes and require license plates for bicycles, and enforce the laws fully for bicyclists.

New York bicyclist hits pedestrian

New York Bicyclist hits pedestrian The driver actually had a dash cam, however the bicyclist decided to flee ( hit & run )

if bicycles would be required to have a license plate, the police would have been able to find the bicyclist that did this.  But but the bicycle coalition will say less people will ride their bicycles,  no, it is to be able to identify who the person is that did this.  If it was a motorist that did this, that motorist would be tarred and feathered by the bicycle advocates/coalition.

Requiring license plates for motor vehicles doesn’t cause less people to drive, why would it for bicycling?  Maybe the DMV’s should include bicycle license plates along with motor vehicle license plates, for 5 bucks or so.