Pedestrian deaths rising…

I saw a article posted by the wisconsin bike fed about pedestrian deaths rising.  It appears none of them can figure out why.

I can tell them why it is happening.  Pedestrians are getting stupider because of pedestrian right of way laws.  Pedestrians think they can walk any damn place they want, jaywalk anywhere anytime they want.  Walk right down the middle of a dark road in dark clothes….all while the anti-car lobby comes to these stupid peoples rescue and blames the motorist for the pedestrians error.

What is disappointing about the article is that it seems like it is pointing the blame on motorists,  when pedestrians & bicyclists are not educated about the rules of the road, or staying safe.

Bring back looking both ways before stepping in to the road and crossing is the only way to get close to ZERO,  but these activist anti-car groups just refuse to see that.  They would rather continue to blame motorists.

Just to add, NO! Bike Fed,  complete streets aren’t going to change anything!  Complete streets doesn’t educate pedestrians,  or bicyclists, nor will complete streets extend outside the city limits!


The goal of the bicycle lobby

From what I understand the bicycle lobby wants to bring the Netherlands dutch type of bicycling here where motorists are made to be subservient to bicyclists.  This won’t work any where in America,  mostly due to cyclists bad arrogant attitudes towards those that drive a personal motor vehicle.

They think if they can change the meaning of words that they can trick everyone out of their personal vehicles and on to a bicycle.  Who in the hell wants to go BACKWARDS,  transportation wise, & go back to a bicycle ( bicycles are for children, and these adult cyclists act like a children too )?  Who the hell actually wants to ride a bicycle in rain, snow, sleet, fog, storms, hail, in heat & humidity, and pedaling up hilly roads,  that isn’t a pretentious stuck up trendy hipster?

Bicycling is not a good use of ones time either,  anyone that has actual things to do likely isn’t going to choose a bicycle to go grocery shopping, or pick up drywall, plywood, or have a load of (4) 38 pound boxes of cat litter, which would be 152 pounds of cat litter to be exact.  Do people really want to try this on a bicycle,  especially in above mentioned weather!?

Friday Fools: Wrong Way Bicycling

Since the WBF doesn’t let a crisis go to waste.  I am not going to skip posting wrong way bicycling.  Speaking of not letting a crisis go to waste,  I found a video on youtube that is chilling.  It is exactly how bicycle advocacy works.  That is the “Chicago way” right?

Any ways, here is the wrong way bicycling.  West Custer & Expo Dr ( near Expo Dr )

Wrong way cyclist problem in Manitowoc

This time it was on the north end of Manitowoc ( I think it was on Friday the 29th ),  Fairmont & N. 23.  Caught cyclist riding on the wrong side of the road.  These problem cyclists are going to roll back any progress made,  I strongly recommend the good bicyclists out there to get on these unlawful cyclists,  as the bicycle lobby doesn’t want to admit these kind of cyclists exist,  or pressure the wisconsin bike federation to come to these communities to educate how to ride a bicycle on the road ways properly.

No hands on handle bar menasha ave

Not sure of the exact day this happened,  but what is up with these bicyclists & riding with no hands on the handle bar?  I would think it is unlawful to ride a bicycle no handed ( I will have to search the city ordinances for bicycling laws ).  It is almost every time I go out that I see these bicyclists engaged in stupidity & self endangerment….But but but it’s those people that are in the motor vehicles that are always the problem,  right bicyclists?

Bicycling is as safe as you make it

The WBF is at it again, they say riding a bicycle is safe.

Here is the response from the wisconsin bike federation that bothers me:

I think the question and suggestions were made in a respectful manner, but they reflect a pervasive culture among people who don’t ride bikes for transportation that blames the victim rather than the perpetrator in the United States. I try to answer questions like this in a way that helps people rethink the perspective that blames the victim and emphasizes the responsibility we all shoulder when we are driving a motor vehicle in a space we must share with other road users, some of whom are walking and bicycling.

Is doublespeak/doublethink/political correctness being used by the bicycle lobby, or am I just imagining it when I read these blog posts when someone questions when the bicyclist was at fault?

Right off the bat the blame is put on to people who don’t ride bicycles. Since there seems to be a rising culture of “highway bicycling” in the lane of travel on highways.  This bicyclist was riding in an unsafe manner, rolled the dice too many times & got a bad roll.  The WBF seems to always blame the driver, the bicyclist is rarely blamed.  This blog post from the WBF shows that. ( I thought at first the driver had the open beer can,  which that wasn’t the case, it was the person on the bicycle, it was very poorly written, just like a lot of my stuff )  When the bicyclist was found to have an open beer can on himself.

This is the kind of stuff that should come out when they want their vulnerable user legislation pushed through,  all they have to use is emotion, using previous bicyclist deaths as martyrs, and trying to transfer blame away from the bicyclist & back to the driver when it is often the bicyclist that chooses to roll the dice & often ends up with a bad roll.

The bicycle lobby says bicyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles, but when the time comes to prove that, the bicyclist is never found to exercise any caution while riding, or following any laws.  The reckless bicycling needs to come to a stop.  Yet the bicycle lobby doesn’t want to admit these problem bicyclists exist, & ends up blaming motorists.  It seems their goal is to criminalize driving & scare people in to giving up their motor vehicle for a bicycle,  think about that.

 Here is part 2 of this post

Bicyclist hit in kewaunee county

I first saw this reported from the wisconsin bike federation

Bicyclist Riding on the highway in the lane of travel according to the WBF.

Here is a comment from the WBF blog post that I have to call them out on:

It is prudent and safer to drive ten miles per hours below the speed limit when your visibility is reduced, particularly on narrow rural roads without shoulders where you might encounter someone walking, bicycling or a farmer

Sure I agree about driving slower when visibility is reduced.

Wouldn’t it be prudent & safer not to roll the dice & risk your life riding a bicycle on a narrow rural road without much of, or any shoulder?  The WBF should be looking at it that way if they are really trying to keep bicyclists safe.

The Share & Be Aware Program directed by the Wisconsin DOT Bureau of Transportation Safety encourages drivers to slow down and be prepared to encounter people walking and on bikes at any time in their travels.

Shouldn’t pedestrians & bicyclists  also be prepared to encounter motor vehicles at any time in their travels?  Motorists aren’t psychic,  nor can they save you from yourself if you are recklessly endangering yourself negligently.

The Wisconsin Bike Fed continues to advocate for safer roads and a more cautious approach while biking, driving and walking.

Complete streets won’t touch rural roads. So the best bet is to not ride your bicycle on them in the lane of travel.  Ask for a ride next time, instead of rolling the dice with your life.

Really, a more cautious approach…no really!?  I have been preaching for bicyclists & pedestrians, or any other non-drivers to be cautious to no avail. Putting all the burden & responsibility on to the driver is how these kind of deaths happen,  you can’t just only educate the damn motor vehicle drivers!

While we should do everything we can to reduce the chances of fatal crashes like this happening, it is important to remember that riding a bicycle remains an incredibly safe and healthy thing to do. If you factor in the health benefits of cycling, riding a bicycle is more likely to help you live longer than result in a fatal crash:

Sure bicycling can be healthy,  until you decide to not use commonsense, logic, and caution.

So while we all keep the family and friends of this man killed near Algoma in your thoughts and prayers, let us all pledge to reduce our speed when conditions warrant greater caution when we are behind the wheel. Let us also feel good about ourselves when riding bicycles, as bicycling not only remains a safe, fun, healthy way for us to get exercise and get around, our society and communities benefit every time someone rides a bike.

“Facepalm”  Ok  motorists, you can go up to 5mph,  maybe we should only make it 1mph,  since bicyclists are blameless & cannot be held for their negligent actions while riding their bicycles.  Bicycling is as healthy as you make it, as long as you are cautious & use commonsense.

It really is too bad none of their members really calls out the WBF on this one-sided partisan crap.  It really does say bicyclists are privileged, special, and blameless for their own actions.