What happened to looking both ways before crossing?

I was looking over the Wisconsin DOT

I see no mention about looking both ways before stepping into the road way.

Oh wait, the state law requiring motorists to yield to pedestrians,  that has removed the burden on the pedestrian to look both ways before crossing, thereby putting it on to motorists.  They seem to be on an endless crusade to educate just only motorists, that is the law to yield to pedestrians,  and of course  setting up  educating drivers some more, with their cross walk stings,  which could possibly cause an accident, or worse.

Where they fail with pedestrian safety,  they don’t bother to educate pedestrians,  simply because they won’t generate enough revenue to justify the education,  like with motorists, there are many people that drive, they know quite a bit can be caught.  So it appears it is more about revenue then safety.

 So looking through the Wisconsin Dot  drivers hand book,  it states that pedestrians “always have the right of way”  Of course it doesn’t mention jaywalking,  but on the rules and pointers page for drivers and pedestrians it completely contradicts the motorists hand book.  (   Look on page 24 Hand book PDF )