Jay walkers

I was down in Two Rivers, Wisconsin for a while today,  and today I witnessed some dumb-ass ( sorry no other way to put it ) pedestrian jaywalk in front of another driver over on forest ave near 22nd st.  I blame state, and local governments for not educating anyone except drivers for this problem.

What makes a person walk out in front of a moving vehicle that may not be able to stop in time is incomprehensible.  However it is clear that state right of way laws make people stupid!

On the Wisconsin department of transportation website,  it has pointers for pedestrians,  I wish they would educate pedestrians on this.

Yield to drivers if you are not in a cross walk, or intersection.  Or where you don’t have a walk or green signal.

Oh another thing, don’t expect drivers to see you in the dark either.  Always look both ways before crossing,  I do and no one has hit me.  Same thing when people are backing out of a drive way, they may not see you.  When I walk at night I choose to wait until they have backed out as I use common sense when I go out for a walk.


January 23 ’16 Friday Evening news

Manitowoc was getting lake effect snow,  and it went on in to the evening.  However that isn’t my complaint,  it is someone riding a tricycle west bound on reed ave when the snow was reducing visibility,  the light on the back barely lit up, so this person put them self in harms way and endangered them self.  The last thing I want to hear is another one of these foolish bicyclists/tricyclists ended up getting hit.  It is how the bicycle advocates advance their anti-car agenda further.

Evening drive & idiot bicyclist

Out on Waldo Blvd in Manitowoc, Just before 8pm 12/19/2015 I encountered a bicyclist that was in the lane of travel which is really stupid to even try that when it is dark.  However my problem is that it appeared that the bicycle had no visible rear lights to make it visible to other drivers as it went down a side street!  Bicyclist self endangerment is the very reason why I don’t support a vulnerable user law here in Wisconsin, it would more then likely cast the blame on to the driver if fault can not be proven.
I should have called it in, but with no damn license plate on the bicycle it is very difficult to track down the idiot endangering them self on their  bicycle.

This proves we need to have some kind of system like testing, and licensing and all that if these dumb fools can’t and won’t take any steps to ensure their own damn safety!


I was out for an evening walk Wednesday evening,  and a bicyclist went past with no lights on.  As the bicyclist went up the road he decided to ride his bicycle on the far left side of the road way which would be the wrong side of the road if you were in a motor vehicle, but yet when I see bicyclists ride however they want with impunity the less I support any legislation or any bicycle infrastructure.  Bad bicyclists  are the reason why there is a push back against bicycle lanes and other bicycle infrastructure.  Recently in Manitowoc back in September I believe, there was a group ride to “educate drivers” when bicyclists are the ones that clearly need to be educated.

Scanner report 12/14/2015

Just a few minutes ago before 7pm,  I heard over the police scanner a driver complaining of almost hitting a bicyclist in the area of new york ave and 8th st, due to no lights and wearing dark clothes.  Of course the Wisconsin bike fed would tell you that bicyclists break the law less then motorists,  however bicyclists sure as hell seem to endanger themselves more.