Manitowoc Election what it means for drivers

I found out on the news about who got voted in for the city of Manitowoc,  I am not going to mention names as I am very concerned about this very pro-bicycle persons agenda.

That pesky “wheel tax” could come back,  down town could be closed to motor vehicles,  among other feel good do nothing legislation that could be implemented at the local level,  I won’t be naming those off just in case they are reading this, however the bicycle lobby generally ignores what others have to say unless it helps their agenda, I am not going to further the bicycle lobbies war on driving.


Bicyclist riding on sidewalk that has no bicycles allowed symbol

I caught a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  which was clearly marked as no bicycles allowed on sidewalk according to the symbol on the sidewalk.  How does one miss that no bicycles allowed symbol?  Here are the cities bicycle regulations.

I blame this on educating the motor vehicle driver only system.  Every time something bad happens to someone on a bicycle,  emotions take over at these bicycle advocates and it filters down to the people following them,  often causing people/investigators to jump to conclusions. 

Which in turn the cities/towns often start attack driving instead of thinking logically. All that emotional thinking that makes people react irrationally, and usually the results end up exactly the same every time which ends with an injury or even worse a fatality.



Another bicyclist no handed sighting

I saw another bicyclist riding no handed operating a cellphone riding down the sidewalk going west on waldo blvd about 6:30 pm July 5 ’16.  I have no video of this sighting,  which is very disappointing.  I always know that these bicyclists are so arrogant they will continue to do this very stupid stuff.  Hopefully some innocent driver doesn’t get blamed if the cyclist loses control.

Scanner report May 7 ’16 about 8:15

Reports of someone on foot on the Interstate ( on one of the ramps possibly ) near Calumet Ave ( Manitowoc, WI ).

I went on google street view to find that certain sign. Posted below.

Why are people so hell bent on challenging it?  The best thing you can do is save your old cell phone when you get a new one, as you can still dial 911 on it.  That is better than being negligent & endangering yourself, as I am sick of the bicycle lobby using people as martyrs  to advance their car-free fantasy world.


I screen captured the above sign using google street view.

January 23 ’16 Friday Evening news

Manitowoc was getting lake effect snow,  and it went on in to the evening.  However that isn’t my complaint,  it is someone riding a tricycle west bound on reed ave when the snow was reducing visibility,  the light on the back barely lit up, so this person put them self in harms way and endangered them self.  The last thing I want to hear is another one of these foolish bicyclists/tricyclists ended up getting hit.  It is how the bicycle advocates advance their anti-car agenda further.

Evening drive & idiot bicyclist

Out on Waldo Blvd in Manitowoc, Just before 8pm 12/19/2015 I encountered a bicyclist that was in the lane of travel which is really stupid to even try that when it is dark.  However my problem is that it appeared that the bicycle had no visible rear lights to make it visible to other drivers as it went down a side street!  Bicyclist self endangerment is the very reason why I don’t support a vulnerable user law here in Wisconsin, it would more then likely cast the blame on to the driver if fault can not be proven.
I should have called it in, but with no damn license plate on the bicycle it is very difficult to track down the idiot endangering them self on their  bicycle.

This proves we need to have some kind of system like testing, and licensing and all that if these dumb fools can’t and won’t take any steps to ensure their own damn safety!


I was out for an evening walk Wednesday evening,  and a bicyclist went past with no lights on.  As the bicyclist went up the road he decided to ride his bicycle on the far left side of the road way which would be the wrong side of the road if you were in a motor vehicle, but yet when I see bicyclists ride however they want with impunity the less I support any legislation or any bicycle infrastructure.  Bad bicyclists  are the reason why there is a push back against bicycle lanes and other bicycle infrastructure.  Recently in Manitowoc back in September I believe, there was a group ride to “educate drivers” when bicyclists are the ones that clearly need to be educated.