Manitowoc Election what it means for drivers

I found out on the news about who got voted in for the city of Manitowoc,  I am not going to mention names as I am very concerned about this very pro-bicycle persons agenda.

That pesky “wheel tax” could come back,  down town could be closed to motor vehicles,  among other feel good do nothing legislation that could be implemented at the local level,  I won’t be naming those off just in case they are reading this, however the bicycle lobby generally ignores what others have to say unless it helps their agenda, I am not going to further the bicycle lobbies war on driving.


Wisconsin’s contradictory laws, bicycle as a vehicle is now questionable.

The laws are an incredible mess here in Wisconsin,  there are so many loopholes, and laws that contradict other laws,  it makes one do a “double take.”

Recent issues over a bicycle crossing have many confused.  A bicyclist has the same rights as a pedestrian ( dismount off your bicycle, and walk it across, than you are a pedestrian ).  Yet recently an opinion column from Dave C from the Wisconsin Bike Fed, titled:

“Right to the road”  and than this right below: “bicyclists are entitled to ride where they choose”  later in the article stating that: “a bicycle is legally a vehicle like a car or truck”

  alright now we have a problem,  since now bicyclists are granted the same rights as a pedestrian,  when will this contradictory idiocy stop!? ( hopefully not through more of the usual political correctness, to shutdown debate! )   How does this help bicycling & the bicycling community, not to mention the bicycling communities image?

The goal of the bicycle lobby

From what I understand the bicycle lobby wants to bring the Netherlands dutch type of bicycling here where motorists are made to be subservient to bicyclists.  This won’t work any where in America,  mostly due to cyclists bad arrogant attitudes towards those that drive a personal motor vehicle.

They think if they can change the meaning of words that they can trick everyone out of their personal vehicles and on to a bicycle.  Who in the hell wants to go BACKWARDS,  transportation wise, & go back to a bicycle ( bicycles are for children, and these adult cyclists act like a children too )?  Who the hell actually wants to ride a bicycle in rain, snow, sleet, fog, storms, hail, in heat & humidity, and pedaling up hilly roads,  that isn’t a pretentious stuck up trendy hipster?

Bicycling is not a good use of ones time either,  anyone that has actual things to do likely isn’t going to choose a bicycle to go grocery shopping, or pick up drywall, plywood, or have a load of (4) 38 pound boxes of cat litter, which would be 152 pounds of cat litter to be exact.  Do people really want to try this on a bicycle,  especially in above mentioned weather!?

Bicycling is as safe as you make it part 2

I have decided to continue analyzing a blog post from the WBF

Here is another response from the WBF

Since people like this victim need to get places like to work that often do not have a separate path or even a wide paved shoulder, it is necessary to ride to the left of the fog line. Since people in cars are doing the killing, using your logic but putting the responsibility where it belongs, you would be better to argue people should not drive on roads without wide paved shoulders when their visibility is limited if they think there may be people walking, bicycling or farmers using them

Why not ask for a ride to work, instead of rolling the dice & risking your life riding in the lane of travel on a highway?

People in cars are doing the killing,  what a statement.  Really? Claiming Motorists are going out looking to kill people is really an out of bounds statement.

People that have common sense & use caution wouldn’t walk, or bicycle in the lane of travel on the highway.

Bicyclists have the same rights as a motor vehicle,  how do bicyclists have less responsibility on the road ways than a motorist does?  This again puts on display of hypocrisy from the bicycle advocates/lobby.

If there is no shoulder wide enough to bicycle on, STAY OFF THAT ROAD!!  DON’T BE STUPID!

People shouldn’t drive on roads without wide paved shoulders,  that is absolutely the dumbest  thing I have read coming from a bicycle lobby.  Why not just say ban motor vehicles on rural roads.  ( while they weren’t serious, supposedly, eye roll )

I recommend that Wisconsin Bike Federation can pay to pave wider shoulders on these rural roads that “complete streets” legislation won’t touch with a 10 mile pole.

Instead, we choose to ask that everyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and operates that potentially dangerous moving object obey our laws and take their responsibility for other’s safety seriously and drive with extra caution when the potential to cause serious injury or death through personal negligence exists.

I am asking the bicycle lobby to start educating the bicycle community to exercise caution on where & how they ride,  instead of shifting the burden completely on to the motorist.

As a further practical measure, we advocate that roads be constructed for the safe passage of all users. The purpose of our roads is to transport goods and people, not move people in cars. With proper design, a complete street is much safer for all users.

Very strange statement.  Not many people are going to walk, or ride a bicycle to get to some where  that is 10, 20, 30, or more miles out.  The fact of the matter is it isn’t affordable to rebuild every damn road the way the bicycle lobby wants,  the costs would be astronomical, who in the hell would pay for it all!?  Motor vehicles are here to stay bicyclists & bicycle lobby, get over it!  Your utopia won’t work in reality.

The best way to stay safe is to use caution while riding your bicycle, riding in the lane of travel on a highway isn’t cautious, it is stupid, dangerous, it isn’t fair to the motorist that may not see you in time.  It is time to stop rolling the dice on these county roads & highways, they aren’t play areas!!

To reiterate what is mentioned in the post above, despite this tragic death, when the health benefits are factored in, riding a bicycle is probably safer than driving a car AND riding bicycles has a positive return to our society and communities, where as driving personal motor vehicles, however necessary for many, has a negative return.

  The health benefits are decent until you decide to risk your life riding in the lane of travel on a highway!!

Yet again they subtlety bash motorists ( anti-car rhetoric) basically what screams out to me is if you disagree with us, you’re a big fat lazy dumb slob of a motorist,  give up your “personal motor vehicle” & get on a bicycle & shut up!!  ( they didn’t actually say that, that is what really jumps out at me in the statement the WBF made ) They are condescending in a subtle way. Which is one of the many reasons why I started this blog.

I have yet to see any proof of a positive return that bicycles have on a community & society,  only big bills creating nice paved path ways that are squabbled over, and not used.  Having a motor vehicle that isn’t used doesn’t count,  as the license & registration can’t be shared with a second vehicle ( remember they say a bicycle is a vehicle ).

Here is that negative return those awful “personal motor vehicles” have on society,  When a motor vehicle is taken in for repairs, new tires, oil changes, that is taxed.

I paid about 5 bucks in fuel tax this month.

Every time I go to Menards, Lowes,  Fleet farm, to get supplies, necessities, and other taxed items, I am paying taxes.  If motor vehicles were banned, like the bicyclists want I wouldn’t bother because I wouldn’t be able to get any of the supplies back home.  I think I may start tracking how much taxes I pay every month.

Any one that questions what the bicycle lobby says,  should be blogging about it.  It maybe more powerful than their almost 9,464 people that have liked their facebook page, especially when the bicycle lobby wants to introduce/pass their legislation.

Milwaukee Police pedestrian sting

The Bike Fed seems really ecstatic over a recent pedestrian crosswalk stake out/sting operation.

The person in the video waited out in the road until the car came closer and then decided to start walking.   There was enough time to get across the street before that car got close enough,  this in my eyes is a dishonest way to do this cross walk/pedestrian stings.

The fact that 8k was spent on this poorly executed plan to make drivers look bad so the bike fed can go, “see we told you we need a vulnerable user law!”

According to the census data for Milwaukee, the population is 599,642 which when you put 64 drivers failing to yield up to that large number it is really a non-existent problem.  This is how the bicycle advocates would do the math when drivers complain about bad behavior from bicyclists, “well the number is really low, so it doesn’t exist”  I have applied that type of illogical thinking to come out with my findings above.

Only if police would do stings on pedestrians & bicyclists,  it would be more fair & equal,  remember share the road ( and the rules )?  Pedestrians & bicyclists needs to do their part and follow the rules & laws too, not just only drivers.

Scanner Report 9/8/2015

According to scanner reports there was a bicyclist on highway 151, three calls reportedly came in. No clear whereabouts were given on the bicyclists location.   It’s pretty foolish to ride a bicycle on that road either direction ( considering it was a foggy morning ), especially the portion where the speeds are the highest.  One thing bugs me, why do bicyclists not care about their own safety?  Why do bicyclists refuse to exercise caution & common sense?

Bicycles should be prohibited anywhere the speed limit is over 25 mph for there safety.

Milwaukee group bike ride

I don’t know the roads in Milwaukee at all, I never drove to Milwaukee,  however, I found an article from urban Milwaukee

where there is a bicyclist that has “bicycles allowed full lane”  however, when you look at the article picture they are using the FULL WIDTH of the road way!! Full lane doesn’t mean bicyclist gets to take up the whole road way,  unless it is a real WIDE one way street they’re on, which I mostly doubt, ( I do not know the intersection point they are at, otherwise  ). If anyone has more information,  leave a comment.