Milwaukee Police pedestrian sting

The Bike Fed seems really ecstatic over a recent pedestrian crosswalk stake out/sting operation.

The person in the video waited out in the road until the car came closer and then decided to start walking.   There was enough time to get across the street before that car got close enough,  this in my eyes is a dishonest way to do this cross walk/pedestrian stings.

The fact that 8k was spent on this poorly executed plan to make drivers look bad so the bike fed can go, “see we told you we need a vulnerable user law!”

According to the census data for Milwaukee, the population is 599,642 which when you put 64 drivers failing to yield up to that large number it is really a non-existent problem.  This is how the bicycle advocates would do the math when drivers complain about bad behavior from bicyclists, “well the number is really low, so it doesn’t exist”  I have applied that type of illogical thinking to come out with my findings above.

Only if police would do stings on pedestrians & bicyclists,  it would be more fair & equal,  remember share the road ( and the rules )?  Pedestrians & bicyclists needs to do their part and follow the rules & laws too, not just only drivers.