Wisconsin’s contradictory laws, bicycle as a vehicle is now questionable.

The laws are an incredible mess here in Wisconsin,  there are so many loopholes, and laws that contradict other laws,  it makes one do a “double take.”

Recent issues over a bicycle crossing have many confused.  A bicyclist has the same rights as a pedestrian ( dismount off your bicycle, and walk it across, than you are a pedestrian ).  Yet recently an opinion column from Dave C from the Wisconsin Bike Fed, titled:

“Right to the road”  and than this right below: “bicyclists are entitled to ride where they choose”  later in the article stating that: “a bicycle is legally a vehicle like a car or truck”

  alright now we have a problem,  since now bicyclists are granted the same rights as a pedestrian,  when will this contradictory idiocy stop!? ( hopefully not through more of the usual political correctness, to shutdown debate! )   How does this help bicycling & the bicycling community, not to mention the bicycling communities image?


Scanner report May 7 ’16 about 8:15

Reports of someone on foot on the Interstate ( on one of the ramps possibly ) near Calumet Ave ( Manitowoc, WI ).

I went on google street view to find that certain sign. Posted below.

Why are people so hell bent on challenging it?  The best thing you can do is save your old cell phone when you get a new one, as you can still dial 911 on it.  That is better than being negligent & endangering yourself, as I am sick of the bicycle lobby using people as martyrs  to advance their car-free fantasy world.


I screen captured the above sign using google street view.

Scanner Report 9/8/2015

According to scanner reports there was a bicyclist on highway 151, three calls reportedly came in. No clear whereabouts were given on the bicyclists location.   It’s pretty foolish to ride a bicycle on that road either direction ( considering it was a foggy morning ), especially the portion where the speeds are the highest.  One thing bugs me, why do bicyclists not care about their own safety?  Why do bicyclists refuse to exercise caution & common sense?

Bicycles should be prohibited anywhere the speed limit is over 25 mph for there safety.