Manitowoc Election what it means for drivers

I found out on the news about who got voted in for the city of Manitowoc,  I am not going to mention names as I am very concerned about this very pro-bicycle persons agenda.

That pesky “wheel tax” could come back,  down town could be closed to motor vehicles,  among other feel good do nothing legislation that could be implemented at the local level,  I won’t be naming those off just in case they are reading this, however the bicycle lobby generally ignores what others have to say unless it helps their agenda, I am not going to further the bicycle lobbies war on driving.


Bicyclist riding on sidewalk that has no bicycles allowed symbol

I caught a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in downtown Manitowoc, Wisconsin,  which was clearly marked as no bicycles allowed on sidewalk according to the symbol on the sidewalk.  How does one miss that no bicycles allowed symbol?  Here are the cities bicycle regulations.

I blame this on educating the motor vehicle driver only system.  Every time something bad happens to someone on a bicycle,  emotions take over at these bicycle advocates and it filters down to the people following them,  often causing people/investigators to jump to conclusions. 

Which in turn the cities/towns often start attack driving instead of thinking logically. All that emotional thinking that makes people react irrationally, and usually the results end up exactly the same every time which ends with an injury or even worse a fatality.



Updated with video: Bicyclist riding no handed holding phone

I would like to point out that being out in public one has no expectation of privacy.  So  catching dangerous & unlawful bicycling on video  is perfectly legal.

I happened to catch a bicyclist riding with no hands on the handle bars while holding on to a cellphone.  The picture isn’t that great as it is a screen shot from a video that I have to find a way to slow the video down enough to show it since I didn’t get the phone pointed correctly to capture this unlawful distracted bicyclist ( I will upload the video if I can get it slowed down enough, it will probably be barely 2 seconds long though ).  You can clearly tell that the cyclist is looking down holding something based on arm position.  Very very dangerous and unlawful bicycling.  This is what goes on when bicyclists aren’t educated on how to ride a bicycle on the roads.

Update:  I have edited the video of where I took a screen capture from, I slowed the video down as much as the video editor would allow me to.  It isn’t the greatest video,  but you can tell the cyclist is holding on to a phone & looking down.


The above screen capture from the video, further proves that bicycle riders need to be educated how to ride a bicycle properly on the road way.

Imagine if this bicyclist would lose control & rode in to a motor vehicle,  who would be blamed,  the motorist or the bicyclist?  Which is the very reason I am concerned,  especially with the influence of bicycle lobby,  which reminds me of a previous blog post where I pointed out where the bicycle lobby has too much influence.

Why should cyclists have different rules?

According to streets blog,  changing the rules for cyclists won’t cause chaos.

  1. They say they need to conserve momentum.  Well when I rode my bicycle when I was younger I had no problem getting moving again.  Why are bicyclists such wimps?

So lets use the bicyclist excuse for motor vehicles and say the same.  To save the planet from using too much oil ( and to keep scary carbon emissions down )  and keep momentum because the engine uses more gas to get back up to speed.

2. Just let bicycles go through intersections.

The problem with that idea is that you have those bicyclists that ride in a way that is already dangerous.  Some driver that isn’t at fault is going to end up colliding with said bicyclist,  then that motorist will be shamed & blamed by the bicycle advocates.  So really I am against this idea.

3. Bicycles move at slow speeds.

Apparently that some how equates to not having to abide by motor vehicle laws & rules.    Remember bicyclists you wanted the same rights to the road, now you can follow the same rules & laws!  Stop trying to loop hole your way out of them constantly.

11/9/2015 Scanner Report

Monday night about 11:15PM I heard over the scanner that there was someone riding an adult tricycle north bound in the lane of travel on Maritime drive in the city of Manitowoc with no lights on.

I thought bicyclists don’t break the law, or endanger themselves.

How can a bicycle be a vehicle when they don’t have the required lights on their bicycles?  Bicycle laws need to be strictly enforced, as it is apparent that many bicyclists are a danger to themselves.

Scanner Report 9/8/2015

According to scanner reports there was a bicyclist on highway 151, three calls reportedly came in. No clear whereabouts were given on the bicyclists location.   It’s pretty foolish to ride a bicycle on that road either direction ( considering it was a foggy morning ), especially the portion where the speeds are the highest.  One thing bugs me, why do bicyclists not care about their own safety?  Why do bicyclists refuse to exercise caution & common sense?

Bicycles should be prohibited anywhere the speed limit is over 25 mph for there safety.

Milwaukee group bike ride

I don’t know the roads in Milwaukee at all, I never drove to Milwaukee,  however, I found an article from urban Milwaukee

where there is a bicyclist that has “bicycles allowed full lane”  however, when you look at the article picture they are using the FULL WIDTH of the road way!! Full lane doesn’t mean bicyclist gets to take up the whole road way,  unless it is a real WIDE one way street they’re on, which I mostly doubt, ( I do not know the intersection point they are at, otherwise  ). If anyone has more information,  leave a comment.