Evening drive & idiot bicyclist

Out on Waldo Blvd in Manitowoc, Just before 8pm 12/19/2015 I encountered a bicyclist that was in the lane of travel which is really stupid to even try that when it is dark.  However my problem is that it appeared that the bicycle had no visible rear lights to make it visible to other drivers as it went down a side street!  Bicyclist self endangerment is the very reason why I don’t support a vulnerable user law here in Wisconsin, it would more then likely cast the blame on to the driver if fault can not be proven.
I should have called it in, but with no damn license plate on the bicycle it is very difficult to track down the idiot endangering them self on their  bicycle.

This proves we need to have some kind of system like testing, and licensing and all that if these dumb fools can’t and won’t take any steps to ensure their own damn safety!


Why should cyclists have different rules?

According to streets blog,  changing the rules for cyclists won’t cause chaos.

  1. They say they need to conserve momentum.  Well when I rode my bicycle when I was younger I had no problem getting moving again.  Why are bicyclists such wimps?

So lets use the bicyclist excuse for motor vehicles and say the same.  To save the planet from using too much oil ( and to keep scary carbon emissions down )  and keep momentum because the engine uses more gas to get back up to speed.

2. Just let bicycles go through intersections.

The problem with that idea is that you have those bicyclists that ride in a way that is already dangerous.  Some driver that isn’t at fault is going to end up colliding with said bicyclist,  then that motorist will be shamed & blamed by the bicycle advocates.  So really I am against this idea.

3. Bicycles move at slow speeds.

Apparently that some how equates to not having to abide by motor vehicle laws & rules.    Remember bicyclists you wanted the same rights to the road, now you can follow the same rules & laws!  Stop trying to loop hole your way out of them constantly.

Madison man involved with bicycle collison charged with felonies

A few blog posts from the Wisconsin bike fed about a motorist involved with running a couple of bicyclists off the road, you can find them here here and the police report here which sheds more light on things.

When I found out the type of road and area the bicyclists were on, I was not too impressed with the bicyclists.  The only speed limit sign I could find was going away from the fitchburg road and adams road intersection was a 50mph sign.  Considering Madison is such pro bicycle and more then likely has tons and tons of available bicycle infrastructure, these lance armstrong types refuse to use it.  It is time to prohibit bicycles on these types of road ways to save them from themselves, as riding a bicycle on a highway, rural road, county road, or anywhere where the speed limit is above 25mph is self endangerment, and reckless.

Don’t get me wrong here, the driver was clearly in the wrong,  however, I have crossed paths with these types of bicyclists in the past,  they’re very arrogant and they have  think they own these rural roads because of the very low traffic on them.  Also according to the police report the bicyclists said “fuck you”  and flipped the driver off,  which is very believable,  because I have been told the same from a elite level bicyclist on rural road too.

This mindset that bicyclists have special rights & more privileges is bad policy.  If a bicycle is considered the same as a motor vehicle, bicycles therefore do not have special rights & privileges.  But yet the bicycle advocates/lobby/coalition continue to try to teach motorists of their duty to share the road, how about instead of bicyclists trying to educate motorists, how about bicyclists take pointers from motorists for once!?

If you want to ride safely & in harmony with motor vehicles on your bicycles, stay on the 25mph road ways in the city limits as there has been too many tragedies on the road ways outside of the city limits.

As always, do not ever engage, intimidate,  or confront a bicyclist.  If you are driving in a bicycle heavy area you need to protect yourself with a dashcam, or video camera, or there maybe a dashboard or windshield mount for your phone that has a video camera built in.  That way if you have an issue with a bicyclist creating problems you have proof, but unfortunately that pesky double standard where bicycles have no license plates present a problem, the video will prove that bicyclists do cause problems and are a danger to themselves.

Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin Now on facebook

Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin is now on facebook


I did a search on where bicycles were banned….

My search on places where bicycles are banned,  there are very little if any places where bicycles are banned.

However what does come up doesn’t surprise me.

Screenshot from 2015-07-08 11:28:59

On the yahoo search, the 6th one says “List of car free places”  so that would suggest that bicycles are seemingly allowed nearly everywhere, no where is sacred from a bicycle it would seem.

Now clicking on that link where it says “list of car free places”  It has a world wide list of where motor vehicles aren’t allowed,  but yet when there is talk of prohibiting bicycles from certain roads the bicyclists and advocate groups are screaming, and throwing a fit.

New York bicyclist hits pedestrian

New York Bicyclist hits pedestrian The driver actually had a dash cam, however the bicyclist decided to flee ( hit & run )

if bicycles would be required to have a license plate, the police would have been able to find the bicyclist that did this.  But but the bicycle coalition will say less people will ride their bicycles,  no, it is to be able to identify who the person is that did this.  If it was a motorist that did this, that motorist would be tarred and feathered by the bicycle advocates/coalition.

Requiring license plates for motor vehicles doesn’t cause less people to drive, why would it for bicycling?  Maybe the DMV’s should include bicycle license plates along with motor vehicle license plates, for 5 bucks or so.

Bicycle tragedies & complete streets

Bicycle tragedies in Muskego, I dislike speculating at who is at fault, however,  Considering State Highway 36 has vehicles going at  55mph plus,  and how bicyclists like to ride side by side, some areas of the shoulder have a rumble strip area. I also notice there is an unpaved trail, maybe they could get that paved so there is no reason to ride on a 55mph zone highway. It is stupid to chance riding some where like that.

 Another bicycle crash in Primose, WI  This time there was a tour of 120 bicyclists, there doesn’t appear to be any paved shoulders, oh and NO! complete streets are not going to go way out in the middle of no where for any of these roads in this incident.  How much space do 120 bicyclists take up in a road lane, and how far back does it stretch out?  It is dangerous to ride bicycles on these back roads.  Bicycles need to be prohibited from more road ways, it is the only way to keep them safe.

To point out again, complete streets won’t touch either of the areas where these accidents happened. Complete streets aren’t going to prevent bicycle crashes, preventing these problems requires non-driver education, and the bicycle coalition to admit there are bad bicyclists out there that take a risk,  and the driver gets blamed for bicyclist stupidity.  License plates on bicycles would be a big help in keeping order on the road ways.