Friday Fools: Wrong Way Bicycling

Since the WBF doesn’t let a crisis go to waste.  I am not going to skip posting wrong way bicycling.  Speaking of not letting a crisis go to waste,  I found a video on youtube that is chilling.  It is exactly how bicycle advocacy works.  That is the “Chicago way” right?

Any ways, here is the wrong way bicycling.  West Custer & Expo Dr ( near Expo Dr )


Scanner reports from Friday evening Sept 9th 2015

There were reports of someone laying in the road 21st and Western Ave  ( Manitowoc, WI )

There was also some problems with people blocking traffic near/around harbor town area in the city of Manitowoc.

The above mentioned stupidity is the very reason why motorists should have a dash cam for their vehicles,  if non-drivers know their actions are being scrutinized, maybe the above stupidity will stop.
If you are interested in getting a dash cam,  DO NOT get the one that is advertised on TV as there are many complaints.

Scanner Report 9/8/2015

According to scanner reports there was a bicyclist on highway 151, three calls reportedly came in. No clear whereabouts were given on the bicyclists location.   It’s pretty foolish to ride a bicycle on that road either direction ( considering it was a foggy morning ), especially the portion where the speeds are the highest.  One thing bugs me, why do bicyclists not care about their own safety?  Why do bicyclists refuse to exercise caution & common sense?

Bicycles should be prohibited anywhere the speed limit is over 25 mph for there safety.

Milwaukee group bike ride

I don’t know the roads in Milwaukee at all, I never drove to Milwaukee,  however, I found an article from urban Milwaukee

where there is a bicyclist that has “bicycles allowed full lane”  however, when you look at the article picture they are using the FULL WIDTH of the road way!! Full lane doesn’t mean bicyclist gets to take up the whole road way,  unless it is a real WIDE one way street they’re on, which I mostly doubt, ( I do not know the intersection point they are at, otherwise  ). If anyone has more information,  leave a comment.

Great state budget news

Wisconsin is now the first state to repeal complete streets!

Some thing about a 2 million cut to transportation alternative funding, instead of trying to get more members to bully politicians, bicyclists could pay for there own bicycle infrastructure, the bicycle advocate could hold on to the money instead,  and they could pay up when the project starts ( this is called thinking outside the box ).

  Any project will still require consideration of pedestrians & bicyclists,  but at local level now. Local governments will have to authorize pedestrian & bicycle project installations.  This can be a good thing if your city/town/village hasn’t adopted complete streets legislation locally,  you can check here to see if your area has complete streets legislation.  They also have a PDf file at the bottom of their page that lists everything bi-monthly.