Friday Fools: Wrong Way Bicycling

Since the WBF doesn’t let a crisis go to waste.  I am not going to skip posting wrong way bicycling.  Speaking of not letting a crisis go to waste,  I found a video on youtube that is chilling.  It is exactly how bicycle advocacy works.  That is the “Chicago way” right?

Any ways, here is the wrong way bicycling.  West Custer & Expo Dr ( near Expo Dr )


Wrong way cyclist problem in Manitowoc

This time it was on the north end of Manitowoc ( I think it was on Friday the 29th ),  Fairmont & N. 23.  Caught cyclist riding on the wrong side of the road.  These problem cyclists are going to roll back any progress made,  I strongly recommend the good bicyclists out there to get on these unlawful cyclists,  as the bicycle lobby doesn’t want to admit these kind of cyclists exist,  or pressure the wisconsin bike federation to come to these communities to educate how to ride a bicycle on the road ways properly.

Bicyclist hit in 55mph zone

First off this story appeared on

However what I have seen the bike fed post about it, is biased, and blames the motorist completely without questioning the negligence of the bicyclist riding in the lane of travel on a 55mph highway.

I am reminded of a blog post I made in march of 2015, it is similar to this case ( except without a hill ) but on a road where it was 45mph, or 55mph depending on the direction.

I posted on the Wisconsin bike federations facebook page about emoting, and not thinking rationally, and all that. They didn’t seem to dispute most of it, but tried to swing me in to believing that a bicyclist should has a right to ride a bicycle in the lane of travel on a highway that is 55mph ( of course that isn’t in exact words as the comments were pulled, so it is hearsay now ), and that  motorists should expect to encounter a bicyclist!! It is absolutely negligent ( and of course it is considered self endangerment &  irresponsible & stupid to ride bicycles on highways )  to ride a bicycle in the lane of travel on any highway, no matter how little traffic there is, it doesn’t matter if you have the same rights as a motor vehicle,  try to use common sense to keep your self safe instead of shifting the burden of responsibility on to the motorist.

Unfortunately they decided they didn’t want to debate anymore, and pulled my comments & blocked me since I didn’t see a comment box.  It appears that Bicycle advocates can’t stand to be questioned or criticized.

Any ways back on topic, I almost forgot to mention that the bicyclist got hit as the motorist crested the hill.  I drove around last weekend with my video camera on my dash board and encountered some pretty hilly roads that you can’t see anything until you reach the very top.

The video below should discredit any bicycle advocate, since stopping distance would take a while.

Edit: 3/5/16 I forgot to add inattentive driving is blamed, which I already had videos up to show what rural driving looks like & going up & over hilly roads looks like.

I also forgot to add a link to the bike feds blog post, so that is now added.