Why should cyclists have different rules?

According to streets blog,  changing the rules for cyclists won’t cause chaos.

  1. They say they need to conserve momentum.  Well when I rode my bicycle when I was younger I had no problem getting moving again.  Why are bicyclists such wimps?

So lets use the bicyclist excuse for motor vehicles and say the same.  To save the planet from using too much oil ( and to keep scary carbon emissions down )  and keep momentum because the engine uses more gas to get back up to speed.

2. Just let bicycles go through intersections.

The problem with that idea is that you have those bicyclists that ride in a way that is already dangerous.  Some driver that isn’t at fault is going to end up colliding with said bicyclist,  then that motorist will be shamed & blamed by the bicycle advocates.  So really I am against this idea.

3. Bicycles move at slow speeds.

Apparently that some how equates to not having to abide by motor vehicle laws & rules.    Remember bicyclists you wanted the same rights to the road, now you can follow the same rules & laws!  Stop trying to loop hole your way out of them constantly.


Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin Now on facebook

Stop bad bicyclists in wisconsin is now on facebook


I did a search on where bicycles were banned….

My search on places where bicycles are banned,  there are very little if any places where bicycles are banned.

However what does come up doesn’t surprise me.

Screenshot from 2015-07-08 11:28:59

On the yahoo search, the 6th one says “List of car free places”  so that would suggest that bicycles are seemingly allowed nearly everywhere, no where is sacred from a bicycle it would seem.

Now clicking on that link where it says “list of car free places”  It has a world wide list of where motor vehicles aren’t allowed,  but yet when there is talk of prohibiting bicycles from certain roads the bicyclists and advocate groups are screaming, and throwing a fit.

A bicycle is a vehicle, except when it is not

I have recently found out, that motorists have to worry about bicyclists under the influence of alcohol, guess what,  they play the “bicycle ain’t a vehicle” card to shirk responsibility.  So what was that about the scales of justice?

In actuality, bicycles should be fully classified as a vehicle, and follow the EXACT set of laws & rules motorists have to follow.  It is time to close the loopholes and require license plates for bicycles, and enforce the laws fully for bicyclists.

New York bicyclist hits pedestrian

New York Bicyclist hits pedestrian The driver actually had a dash cam, however the bicyclist decided to flee ( hit & run )

if bicycles would be required to have a license plate, the police would have been able to find the bicyclist that did this.  But but the bicycle coalition will say less people will ride their bicycles,  no, it is to be able to identify who the person is that did this.  If it was a motorist that did this, that motorist would be tarred and feathered by the bicycle advocates/coalition.

Requiring license plates for motor vehicles doesn’t cause less people to drive, why would it for bicycling?  Maybe the DMV’s should include bicycle license plates along with motor vehicle license plates, for 5 bucks or so.

Bicycle tragedies & complete streets

Bicycle tragedies in Muskego, I dislike speculating at who is at fault, however,  Considering State Highway 36 has vehicles going at  55mph plus,  and how bicyclists like to ride side by side, some areas of the shoulder have a rumble strip area. I also notice there is an unpaved trail, maybe they could get that paved so there is no reason to ride on a 55mph zone highway. It is stupid to chance riding some where like that.

 Another bicycle crash in Primose, WI  This time there was a tour of 120 bicyclists, there doesn’t appear to be any paved shoulders, oh and NO! complete streets are not going to go way out in the middle of no where for any of these roads in this incident.  How much space do 120 bicyclists take up in a road lane, and how far back does it stretch out?  It is dangerous to ride bicycles on these back roads.  Bicycles need to be prohibited from more road ways, it is the only way to keep them safe.

To point out again, complete streets won’t touch either of the areas where these accidents happened. Complete streets aren’t going to prevent bicycle crashes, preventing these problems requires non-driver education, and the bicycle coalition to admit there are bad bicyclists out there that take a risk,  and the driver gets blamed for bicyclist stupidity.  License plates on bicycles would be a big help in keeping order on the road ways.

It’s time for bicyclists to pay up!

The Wisconsin bike fed argues that bicyclists already pay too much.

They argue they pay enough through gas taxes, registration fees, and “property taxes”

( Look where it says bicyclists don’t pay for their own bike lanes on the page I linked to )

Since I am the opposition, here is my point of view:

1. If you have a motor vehicle,  and rarely drive it, how are you paying any gas tax when you don’t pump any gas into your tank?

2. No one cares if you have to pay registration fees, it doesn’t grant you special privileges to bitch and complain when you don’t drive your motor vehicle. Remember, if you choose to ride a bicycle, and not drive, that is your problem!  Don’t get all pissy when people say bicyclists don’t share the costs of the road, we know you don’t!

3. Places that require trail passes,  they’re incredibly affordable. State trail passes are $20 annually, or 4 bucks a day!

Why do bicyclists think they have a right to ride where ever they please without sharing any of the fees, or costs?

Why are bicyclists so opposed to any taxes or fees, and license plates?

Before this is brought up, I bet they will say this excuse: “Less people will ride bicycles”

Why do bicyclists think they deserve a free lunch?

Why do bicyclists think motorists should pay higher licensing and registration costs to foot the bill for bicycle infrastructure, all while bashing motor vehicles, and people who drive them?

4. They argue they’re paying for all these bicycle lanes & infrastructure at the general property tax at the local level,  I have to disagree yet again.  Here’s why:

I live in an area that is in the planning stages of bicycle pathways, the city can’t fully fund it.  Yet they get more money then the state does out of property taxes!  Any ways, every time this certain city would do road work, they couldn’t afford it,  and state/federal funding was used, which means complete streets rules kick in ( complete streets often takes away parking for cars, which slaps property owners on those roads at least twice, because they’re penalized because they have a vehicle, and have lost road parking space,  and possibly a special assessment added to the tax bill for the people that own property on that street ( which technically would be three slaps).

5.  This one makes me laugh!  They argue that the bicycle industry in the state already pays millions in sales and income tax.

Since when does the bicycle industry ride on bicycle paths? Since technically a corporation isn’t a person, unless they declared other wise.

How does the bicycle industry paying millions in sales and income tax give bicyclists the right to shirk fees & taxes!?

6. Those road ways bicyclists continue to complain about, are the reason why they are able to get anywhere. Yet they continue to bad mouth those vary roads.

7. Here is another argument they use: They say they don’t contribute to societal costs, like climate change, and air & water pollution.  Here is my arguments:

8. Manufacturing bicycles create carbon emissions.

9. Manufacturing uses fossil fuels!

10. Delivering these bicycles to their destinations where they will be sold creates carbon emissions and pollution.

11. Remember when riding a bicycle you’re exhaling out carbon emissions.

12. All of the above are supposed contributors to climate change, and of course water, & air pollution.

13. I am not sure how a bicycle is going to slow down or stop climate change ( bicycles aren’t going to stop, or slow down climate change, or global warming/cooling ), I often wonder what climate do they want to stay on?

14.The Proposed $25 bike tax. the bike fed doesn’t like it since it goes into the general fund, doesn’t that sound like hypocrisy?  That is like a motorist saying, well I don’t want my license and registration & fuel tax fees going into the general fund and being used for bicycle lanes/infrastructure.  That would be called anti-bike.

There really should be a two tier taxing system, one for bicyclists, and one for motor vehicles.  The bicycle fund goes into bicycle infrastructure, and the motor vehicle fund goes towards motor vehicle only infrastructure.  ( if you want to ride a bicycle & drive a motor vehicle, they would have to pay both tax tiers ) Maybe motorists can get protected motor vehicle only roads/lanes, besides the interstate highway, ( sarcasm )

15. The bike fed says the bicycle industry should be at the table.

Did the auto industry, and motorists get to be at the table when the vulnerable road user law was crafted?

Remember you wanted to be equals and keep saying “share the road”  Well it is time for bicyclists to pay up, and share the fees & taxes, and  time to require license plates on bicycles, just like they’re required for motor vehicles.